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Meet Our Dental Team

Front Desk Concierge

" My job is to make our patients feel welcome and relaxed during their visit.  I organize the day to make sure it runs smoothly for Dr. Slepchik, our patients, and the team. We have many ways to help you relax during your dental appointment.  Please ask me for a paraffin hand treatment, a Mr. Fuji Back Massager, Cine Med glasses to enjoy Netflix and other relaxing touches. I know it is not always easy to get yourself here, so I am happy we have so many options for nervous patients."






Office Manager

"I help organize the office so that the day runs smoothly for everyone.  At our conferences, I love looking for new, interesting ideas to help our patients relax during their appointment.   In order to deliver the attentive service Dr. Slepchik wants to offer his patients, we need all the skills of our team. Everyone contributes to a positive dental appointment for our patients.  We want you leaving feeling well taken care of."




Front Desk Concierge 

"I am fortunate to have joined this fabulous team.
My job is to welcome our patients and help organize the day for Dr. Slepchik, our patients and the team .  I am always happy when patients understand how flexible our practice is in offering financial arrangements for our services. In our office, if you are concerned with your smile, Dr. Slepchik can prioritize your treatment plan according to what needs to be taken care of now, what can wait and what is optional.  We want to help you have the smile of your dreams. 





Diploma in Dental Hygiene

" My responsibility is to educate the patient to understand the importance of a healthy mouth and smile.  I am very happy when I see improvement. It is very important to me that my patient is comfortable in the chair, that they conquer their fear and achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.  Keeping your teeth forever starts with your hygiene visit."





Diploma in Dental Hygiene 

"My years of experience allowed me to acquire a confidence in my work! It's a pleasure and I am proud to be part of Dr. Slepchik's team.  Dynamic, attentive, professional and conscientious, it pleases me to take care of what enables you to bite in life, and to share your love of life, your smile!  Keeping your teeth forever starts with your hygiene visit."





Chairside Assistant

"When my patients are in the chair, they are like my family.  It is my responsibility to look after them and make sure they are comfortable. I love assisting Dr. Slepchik when he is creating a beautiful smile.  It requires intense concentration and a special eye. I also love regularly  going to conferences with Dr. Slepchik and learning about all the updates in dentistry today."




Chairside Assistant

"I am happy to be part of such a knowledgeable and fun team who truly care about creating beautiful smiles.  I enjoy making sure our patients feel comfortable and have a good experience in our office from beginning to end. Opening the door,  you will see a lot of technology while you are here with us. This gives us greater precision in our work and allows us to help you improve your dental health.  You will find the technology also adds to a much more comfortable appointment for you".





Sterilization & Infection Control Technician

"I am truly happy to be part of this amazing and great team.   The quality of sterilization techniques and infection control in this office are always maintained at the highest level.  I also love the variety of my day. Please feel free to ask me any questions about my role in the office. I am here to put your mind at ease."