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Relaxation Menu



Reduce your stress with our Relaxation Menu choices.

We understand you might be nervous for your dental appointment.    We created this  Relaxation Menu  for  you .   Experience has shown us that a simple relaxation tool  helps.  Please try whatever you wish  today!

Featured Relaxation Amenities

Magic Massage

A massage system which you can place on your pressure points   (feet, shoulders, arm etc.)  to help you relax during your appointment. Recommended for people who have diabetes (diabetic Neuropathy), carpal tunnel syndrome or just want a massage.

Cinema Med

Watch a movie, your favorite series, music videos etc. with these noise reduction headphones plus viewing glasses.  "When Kinga asked me if I want to watch a movie, I thought it was a joke.!" K.M.

"I just loved it" K.A.

Mr. Fuji

Our heated back and neck massager.  Ask for it in our waiting room.

Personal IPod

Chose the music you would like to hear and relax with our noise reduction headphones.  Adele, anyone?


Please ask for one if you are feeling cold during the appointment.

Nitreous Oxide

For those who need extra help relaxing during an appointment.   Choose this gas which helps you relax while you are completely aware of what is going on around you. When the appointment is finished, you are always ready to return to the office.

Stress Balls

Looking for something to do with your hands?

Warm Parrafin Hand Treatment

Leave our office with silky soft hands.

Neck warmer 

During your visit ,please feel free to help yourself to a freshly brewed cup of coffee, a refrigerated bottle of Perrier or water and while waiting, flip through one of current magazines.