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How Itero Changed the Way We Take Impressions

Teeth impressions Montreal

When you think of having a dental appointment for a crown or starting orthodontic treatment, you have instant visions of bad tasting impression material in your mouth. You can feel the goop before it even appears. At our office, I am here to tell you that you will have a completely different experience. We have an advanced piece of equipment called Itero. This is a 3D digital impression scanner. Once we take the required pictures, the scan will stitch them together and the case goes automatically directly to the laboratory that we work with. At the lab, a model is created there which will become your crown (perfectly fitted too). The Itero is more accurate, faster, cleaner and most importantly, more comfortable for our patients. Our patients have benefitted from this advance in technology. We are all thrilled to offer you this service.
Itero Montreal

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