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Important Information From Our Hygienist Diane About The Importance of 3 Month Cleanings

  • Posted on: Jun 14 2018
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Why Our Practice Recommends 3 Month Preventative Cleanings

There are 700 reasons

700 is the number of species of bacteria that inhabit the space between your gums & teeth as well as throughout your mouth. Disrupting the bacteria every three months with a thorough, professional cleaning prevents the toxins, gases & acids these bugs produce from causing damage to your gums and jaw bone.

Reason 701

It is important to note that the bacteria are not only segregated to your mouth. They travel throughout your circulatory system including your brain. For the last 25 years the science has shown that these bacteria and there toxins damage the cells that line the arteries that line your heart resulting in plaque  and leading to hardening of the arteries.

Bottom line is that we care about your overall health

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