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What are the benefits of digital dental x-rays?

  • Posted on: May 15 2021
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Over the years, dental technology has advanced tremendously to ensure that patients obtain care that is comfortable and less time-consuming. Traditional x-ray techniques often had various concerns, such as the time needed to wait for film development, environmental concerns, and radiation exposure. Fortunately, digital radiography has made it possible to enjoy a variety of benefits over traditional methods. Dr. Lenny Slepchik and his team can educate patients on the many advantages that digital dental x-rays have over traditional methods. 

The benefits of digital dental x-rays vs. traditional dental x-rays 

  • Less radiation exposure. Digital dental x-rays use approximately 90% less radiation than traditional methods, reducing overall exposure to the patient for a safer experience.
  • Faster appointment times. Because digital dental x-rays are immediate and do not require film processing, patients—and their dentist—can save time and energy.
  • Higher-quality imaging. Digital dental x-rays are stored in a computerized system with high-quality images. The dentist can zoom into specific areas to provide accurate and precise views of the patient’s smile.
  • Easy recording of dental records. Digital dental x-rays are stored on the computer system at his practice, allowing for easy storage and maintenance of a patient’s dental history records.
  • Environmentally friendly. Since digital dental x-rays do not use any chemicals for film development, they are much more environmentally friendly than their traditional counterparts.
  • Immediate views. Real-time viewing of a patient’s smile is achievable with the use of digital dental x-rays at his practice, allowing for accurate diagnosis of potential dental problems. Because of the clarity of the digital dental x-rays and  the ability to zoom into areas of concern, dentists are able to accurately and precisely diagnose dental problems that might require further treatment.

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