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How to Avoid Gum Disease

Gum Treatment

Finding out that you have a cavity or gum disease may seem a bit devastating on your end, but as two of the most common things that we see people for at our office, they aren’t much to worry about. Plus, the good news about gum disease is that as long as it is caught in the early stages, it is easily treatable. But, wouldn’t’ it be better if you could avoid it altogether? But how?

Brush Well

Brushing your teeth isn’t just the number one way for you to avoid cavities, but it’s also a great way for you to avoid gum disease as well. As long as you brush gently along the gum line and the base of your teeth, you should be able to get rid of plaque and bacteria— both of which are culprits of gum disease.

Get Regular Cleanings

Another easy way or you to avoid gum disease is to come i to our office every six months for a dental cleaning from Dr. Slepchik. During your dental cleaning, he will clean your teeth along the gumline to get rid of any plaque or tartar buildup. Also, if he dos notice any premature signs of gum disease, he may do an even more thorough cleaning to prevent it from getting any worse.

Quit Tobacco

If you smoke or chew tobacco, you aren’t just putting your body at risk, of all sorts of cancers, but you’re also putting your mouth at risk of gum disease. If you are looking for another reason to quit smoking then make this the final reason that  you to give it up.

Are you ready to get lower your chances of getting gum disease? If so, contact us at our Montreal office at 514-875-7971.

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