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Is Dry Mouth a Regular Part of Winter?

Dry Mouth MontrealIf you have noticed that the cold weather isn’t just making your skin dry, but it’s making your mouth dry, then you may be wondering if there’s something to it. However, research points to the fact that although many people experience dry mouth symptoms during the winter, it’s likely due to some other things. Let’s take a closer look at what some of those contributors may be.

Dry Mouth During a Cold Virus

If there’s one thing to know about Canadian winters it’s that they aren’t just really cold, but they tend to cause the common cold as well. With so many viruses and bacteria lurking around every corner, if you find yourself with a common cold or a cough then you know it’s nothing abnormal. Depending on the severity of your cold and how clogged your sinuses are, your cold may actually cause you to get dry mouth. To help alleviate your dry mouth, the first goal should be to clear out your sinuses by using some sort of saline spray or even an antibiotic.

Dry Mouth When You Wake Up

If you have noticed that when you wake up that your mouth is really dry then it may actually be caused by you sleeping with your mouth open during the night. To help you sleep more comfortably and wake up with a mouth that’s less dry, consider putting a humidifier in your room. The moist air should help coat your mouth and prevent it from drying out so much.

Dry Air

Warm air in your house may make you feel comfortable but it can also dry out the air that you breathe which can lead to things like dry mouth. If you want to help keep your mouth and body feeling a little less dry, consider running a humidifier whenever you are home. Dry mouth is something that if not taken care of, can turn into other oral issues. If you want to learn more about dry mouth, schedule an appointment with Dr. Slepchik and our Montreal office and call us at 514-875-7971.

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