What may happen if you avoid going to the dentist because of COVID

At the downtown Montreal practice of Dr. Lenny Slepchik, we hope all of our patients are healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this doesn’t mean that you should skip your regularly scheduled evaluations and cleanings. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our team has seen many patients calling in with extensive dental problems that need attention because they did not come to see the dentist. This can become not only expensive, but can result in irreparable damage to your teeth and gums.

What May happen if you don’t see a dentist regularly?

Dental anxiety often leaves many patients in a position where they will avoid going to the dentist. It has become even worse during the pandemic as patients are unsure if it is safe to see the dentist. If you do not schedule your regular visits with Dr. Lenny Slepchik, you are putting your health and smile at risk of several issues.

This includes:

  • Periodontal disease. Also known as gum disease, this infection can start due to poor oral hygiene. It can cause the multiplication of bacteria that can become extremely destructive to the teeth and gums. If this condition has not been diagnosed and treated, it can cause patients to lose bone, gum tissue, and teeth.
  • Tooth decay. When food particles are left on the teeth, they can stimulate the process of tooth decay. This creates a hole in the natural tooth enamel that can result in sensitivity and the introduction of bacteria. We see many patients coming into our practice in pain because of undetected and untreated cavities.
  • Increase in health issues. The oral-systemic connection has informed us that the health of the smile can impact the health of the body. Patients with certain dental concerns may also have a higher risk of developing health issues such as oral cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.
  • Staining of the teeth. Discolouration of the teeth can happen over time due to natural aging or consuming dark foods and beverages. Visiting the dentist regularly for your cleaning can keep teeth whiter for longer. Patients also have access to professional-grade teeth whitening to help restore their beautiful smile!

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