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What can happen if you don’t floss?

  • Posted on: Jul 15 2021
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Flossing is just one of many important steps patients need to take to care of the smile and maintain your oral health. Unfortunately, many people skip flossing without realizing how critical it is to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Without flossing, patients may be putting their oral health at risk and causing damage that might be impossible to reverse.

Learning about the importance of flossing is crucial in maintaining a healthy smile. Consulting with Dr. Lenny Slepchik of Montreal is the first step patients can take in achieving a proper oral hygiene regimen at home between dental visits. 

What happens if you don’t floss? 

Many patients will ask Dr. Lenny Slepchik about the consequences of skipping flossing. It is so critical to floss to keep the smile healthy, and here’s why! Below are just a few of the problems that can develop if patients do not floss: 

  • Development of plaque and tartar. Plaque and tartar form when bacteria develops on the teeth from food particles that can become stuck. Plaque is sticky and can be removed with brushing, while tartar is hardened and can only be removed with a  dental professional.
  • Halitosis. Patients who do not floss may experience chronic bad breath due to the food that becomes stuck between teeth. Plaque and tartar also contribute to the unpleasant odor that can develop from poor oral hygiene.
  • Periodontal disease. Patients who do not floss regularly may be putting themselves at a higher risk of developing periodontal disease, or “gum disease.” This condition cannot be reversed once it develops, making prevention critical for oral health and wellness.
  • Cavities. Tooth decay can also be caused by poor oral hygiene, and patients who do not floss have an increased risk of cavity development in their smiles.

Learn more about how to care for your smile 

Flossing is just one of many activities patients can participate in to achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. If you live or work in or around the area of downtown Montreal and are interested in discussing your daily oral hygiene regimen with your dentist, call (514) 875-7971 to request an appointment with Dr. Lenny Slepchik. Patients can also connect with our team by emailing [email protected]. The office is located at 800 Boul Rene-Levesque O, Ste. #310 and welcomess new patients.

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