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How to Get Rid of Those Coffee Stains

  • Posted on: Oct 30 2018
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With pumpkin spice lattes available every morning before work, let’s just say that coffee is more than likely on your mind. If you’re the type of person who needs at least one or more cups of coffee daily, then your teeth have more than likely seen some better days. Because of coffee’s acidic nature and dark colour, it can stain anything easily; especially your teeth. If you have just had your teeth professionally whitened by Dr. Lenny Slepchik and are worried about how you can get rid of the coffee stains that have started to form, this article is just for you.

Use A Whitening Toothpaste

The number one thing that you can do to fight off staining your newly whitened teeth is to buy an over-the-counter whitening toothpaste. Typically, these types of toothpaste have an active ingredient like hydrogen peroxide or baking soda in them which helps to get rid of surface stains caused by things like coffee.

Drink a Lot Of Water

Water is one of the best ways that you can increase your mouth’s natural saliva production.  Saliva is one of the best ways for you to get rid of surface stains on your teeth. After you drink a cup of coffee, make sure that you chase it with a cup of water and remember, swishing  with it is a good idea.

Chew Gum

Another way that you can help increase your mouth’s’ saliva production is by chewing sugar-free gum. Gum helps amp up your salivary glands which will help you get rid of those nasty coffee stains.

Use these tips to keep your teeth looking as bright and white as ever. Remember that if you need to have your teeth whitening touch up, Dr. Slepchik’s office  can do it for you. To learn more, contact our Montreal office and give us a call at (514) 875-7971 or email us at [email protected]

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