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Fear of Dentistry

Do you experience fear before coming to see the dentist?
As a practicing dentist, you can imagine how many times I have heard my patients
telling me “I’m so nervous.” I’ve also been told “I’m afraid of needles.” “I’m scared I won’t freeze.”
“The noise of the drill terrifies me.” “I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid.” Countless times, over and over again. It’s now the 21st century and this problem still exists. Are there solutions to this genuine serious problem?
At our office, we have found various solutions to this situation. First, we carefully listen to each
patient’s concerns. By us knowing what is bothering you, or what makes you nervous, we can help you.

Potential Solutions:
1. Noise reduction headphones: using these headphones during your dental appointment are so effective that we have to lift them up from our patient’s ear in order to speak with you.
2. Nitrous Oxide: this is a reversible sedation that simply induces a happy feeling. When your dental appointment is over, you are able to return to work clear headed.
3. Dental Vibe combined with the Wand for the kindest injection you will ever experience.
4. Kind, caring people around you who are always ready to work with you. Tell us if you need a break.
5. An approach to your dental treatment which is designed to your specific needs.
These suggestions and still many other solutions have made our work day very satisfying and has put a smile on our patient’s faces.

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