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Questions On Dental Hygiene, Treatment, Visits & Office:

How Often Should I Come For My Dental Cleanings ?

In order to stop the spread of gum disease, studies have shown that hygiene appointments every 3 months are ideal. As a dental hygienist with over 20 years of experience, my patients who come to see me every 3 months have healthier gums and mouths overall.

Why Do I Have Cavities?

Cavities occur in a highly acidic environment. Poor eating habits, including munching several times a day, eating food with high carbohydrates, and drinking liquids high in sugar, greatly increase bacterial growth and deposits of plaque. The acidity contained in this bacterial plaque is what creates these cavities.

Why Do I Need A Deep Cleaning?

Over time, especially when we don’t do dental cleanings regularly, the tartar deposits on the roots get bigger and deeper inside the gums, making it difficult during your regular hygiene appointment as it takes more time and may be painful without proper freezing. Removing the deeper accumulated tartar will avoid inflammation that causes bone loss and leads to gum disease.

Is Gum Disease Reversible?

When your gums are inflamed and bleeding, you have gingivitis.

This can be reversed with good home hygiene and regular professional cleanings.

Gum disease occurs after continuous inflammation. This involves loss of bone, which can not grow back. However, it can be slowed down and even stopped with proper home care.

How Many Times A Day Should I Floss?

Plaque becomes harmful if not removed every 12 hours. Ideally, you should be flossing twice a day. If done correctly and thoroughly I see good results in my patients. Using the right technique is therefore very important.

Should I Use A Regular Toothbrush Or Electric?

Undoubtedly, an electric toothbrush that is used properly cleans much better than a manual one. The bristles in an electric brush are softer, so there is less chance of gum damage. Whenever I meet a new patient, I can quickly identify who is and is not using an electric toothbrush.

What Is The Difference Between An Onlay And A Regular Resin?

An onlay is made of porcelain that covers and protects a damaged tooth. This can be caused by decay, cracks, gaps, and chips or simply by existing large fillings covering more than a third of the tooth. Some people may choose to do an onlay to fix discoloration or defects in the enamel. Onlays are recommended when a tooth is damaged and would likely crack with a regular filling. The process is similar to a filling appointment, except it involves being sent to our laboratory to complete the porcelain; therefore, you must return it to us to cement the onlay.To start, Dr. Slepchik will freeze you with The Wand and the Dental Vibe. Dr. Slepchik will prepare the tooth, and then we take a digital impression with Itero. This impression is sent directly to our lab. We will place a temporary material to protect your tooth in the meantime.

Why Can’t I Keep A Temporary Crown For A Longer Period Of Time?

Temporary crowns are good for a short period of time. They protect the preparation from breaking or shifting until your porcelain crown is permanently cemented. However, it cannot protect a repaired tooth for a longer period of time.

Will I Need A Retention Wire After My Invisalign Treatment Is Done?

We suggest placing a wire only if a great amount of rotation was done for a specific tooth or teeth. This is also recommended if the patient is not disciplined enough to wear their retainers as we advised. We prefer to stabilize movement with the Vivera retainers, which allow flossing to be done normally.

How Long Do I Have To Wait Before I Can Eat After Having A Filling Or Restoration?

The answer is right away! The materials we use are set with the special blue LED light that hardens the composite resin into a sturdy material that resembles your natural tooth. You don't have to worry about causing any damage. However, you might want to be careful when eating. Your mouth could still be numb and you could accidentally bite your tongue or cheek.

How Do I Keep My Dental Implants Clean?

Dr. Slepchik and staff suggest using an electric toothbrush, scheduling cleaning appointments every 3 months, and using the Waterpik Water Flosser. The Waterpik Water Flosser is more than 2 times as effective as string floss for dental patients.

Why Do Some Teeth Look Like They Have Lost Some Tooth Structure Near The Roots And Gum Line?

These are what we call dental abfractions. It is a mechanical non-carious loss of tooth tissue due to forces caused by misaligned teeth, grinding, and clenching.

Why Did Dr. Slepchik And My Hygienist Recommend A Night Guard?

A night guard helps you with morning headaches, TMJ jaw pain, and damage to your teeth, gums, crowns, implants, and restorations.

What Are The Possible Exceptions That Can Happen With Your Dental Coverage?

These are the questions you should ask your provider:

What is your yearly maximum?
Are you on the current calendar year?
What is the coverage for minor work?
How are you covered for major work? Is there an additional maximum ?
Are you on the current year fee guide?
Do you have orthodontic coverage? Is there an age restriction ?
In terms of your dental cleanings, is there a limit to how many cleanings you can do in a calendar year?
When exactly does the insurance plan start?

Do You Have A Health Spending Account Attached To Your Plan?

When you are reading online the summary section, please check if see any * listed beside any of your coverage details that I have not mentioned. This is extremely important for you. We are happy to help you with any paperwork; the more informed you are with the details of your plan's coverage, the better we are able to assist you.

How Do We Clean Our Dental Rooms?

After each patient in each operatory is finished their treatment, we wait 15 minutes for any possible remaining particles to fall down on the surface if they did not get cleaned by our Dyson filters. Dyson Air Purifiers are in each room. Dental instruments are removed and brought to our sterilization laboratory to be sterilized. Next, we do an ethereal disinfection to all possible high contact areas. We begin clockwise to ensure we have done a full circle and did not miss anything. After the room is completely cleaned, we set up for our next procedure with packaged sterilized instruments.

Why Does Dr. Slepchik Need An Office Manager?

Dr. Slepchik believes every patient should have proper attention. This means that when they get up from the chair, they will be escorted to the front desk either by their dental assistant or hygienist. Sometimes, a patient thinks of another question they forgot to ask, or they may be mixed up about the next appointment. Your assistant or hygienist should be there to help you. If not, they will get Dr. Slepchik to respond. This means we have a large staff. It is very important that the day runs smoothly for everyone. We are constantly reviewing what works and what does not work to make everyone happy, including our patients, our staff and Dr. Slepchik. This requires a lot of discussion and review at many levels. That is one of the many things I am responsible for.

What Do You Look For When You Hire A New Employee?

Many factors are important. First, they must be bilingual. I often will let them talk and try to get a beat on them. I want the new hire to fit in with our staff comfortably. I look for someone who is ready to work hard. One of the first things I mention is that if you are used to reading a magazine at work you will not like it here. Also, it has to be someone who loves variety and learning new things. Continuing education is very important for all of us. This is essential if you are going to join us.

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