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Smile Makeover

November 2, 2022

Before and after creating a new pleasing smile


June 21, 2022

Another case of diastema in the front teeth. Finished case in 15 months acrylic veneer was done at the end of treatment to restore her chipped tooth.


This patient had two previous consults. He was told he needed surgery to correct is malocclusion by both dentists. We suggested that invisalign could align his teeth without surgery. We showed him what we could achieve. Not 100% correction but he was happy and went ahead with the Invisalign treatment. He is very happy with… Read More »


Diastema, is a space between the central incisors ( i.e front teeth) is a common problem that was addressed by our expertise with invisalign.


Patient was upset how his teeth met in front. In our examination we noted the cross bite on his back teeth. Our goal was to correct it all.

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