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Dental Technology

Large piece of dental technology from floor to ceiling used for advanced dental x rays sitting in a dental office with papers on the wall

The science of dentistry is continuously evolving. Therefore, to do 21st century dentistry, our equipment must keep pace. Dr. Slepchik and his team have made a strong commitment to stay current in  our knowledge and keep up to date with all rapid changes.  In the past 12 months, we have updated the equipment in every operatory. We have new chairs for both the patient and staff to increase comfort.

Our newest overhead light is LED which gives better lighting with less heat. It also has a specific setting to prevent cosmetic dental materials from setting too quickly.

For root canals, we added a new machine that decreases the time needed to complete the dental procedure and decreases the chance of post treatment pain.

We have only digital x ray equipment. This has 80% less radiation exposure than the traditional x ray systems, It also gives us the ability to enlarge the images on the inter-oral camera and share them with any referring dental professional as needed.


“The day I stop learning about new trends, techniques and materials in dentistry will be the day I lock my door and retire. It is so exciting for me as a dental professional to be constantly stimulated and learn new things to bring a better quality of life to my patients.” ~ Dr. Slepchik

close up of x-ray of teeth on computer attached to wall with a button for the x ray machine on the left

All our impressions for cosmetic services are taken using a series of digital photos with Itero.  The accuracy and precision is greatly increased. Using the Itero system completely eliminates gagging for the sensitive patient. Our high speed hand pieces are electric; these are the best and most advanced hand pieces available today. Our sterilization is a steam sterilization system. This is the safest, most effective sterilization system available. Our freezing is done with the Wand and Dental Vibe. This gives him the ability to freeze 1 tooth only, leaving the lip and tongue unfrozen. You leave your appointment much more comfortable.

We also use the  Biolase laser, which is used in various dental procedures with great success.

Next year there will be more advances for sure, as dentistry continues to evolve. I will be ready, as will my entire team.

What are these Strange Glasses?


They are the newest addition to our office.
They have 35 magnifications which equals greater details in my work.
As always, we have strived to give the best service and results.