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Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning Montreal

During your dental cleaning appointment, the hygienist removes plaque and tartar accumulated (calcified) on your teeth, because leaving it undisturbed will undoubtedly damage your gums and lead to gum disease such as periodontitis.

The hygienist will first use an ultrasonic instrument that sprays a cooling mist of water, in order to break larger pieces of tartar loose. Second, she uses fine hand instruments to remove smaller deposits lodged in tighter areas and smoothen the tooth surfaces. Finally, she will polish further and remove stains with an airflow instrument which is a high pressured jet of water mixed with a powder containing baking soda. This will leave your teeth feel soft and clean. Your first cleaning may take longer than usual if your last appointment has been over 3 months ago, as the calcified tartar tends to be harder to remove.

Most people find cleanings painless and even enjoyable. However, if there is gum recession (root exposure) or inflammation, it could get sensitive. In such cases, the hygienist has a number of methods available to make you as comfortable as possible. She can use topical anesthetic or Dr. Slepchik can numb hypersensitive areas. The most popular method though, would be the use of Nitrous Oxyde, commonly known as Laughing Gas, in order to release tension, resulting in a more enjoyable dental experience. The Nitrous works as soon as you inhale and is 100% reversed at the end of your appointment so you can resume your daily activities.

We take pride in our thoughtful and thorough dental cleanings.

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