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Policies and Protocols regarding Covid 19 at Dr. Lenny Slepchik’s Office

We are all aware of the many changes Covid 19 has had in our daily life. Our dental office is no exception. Below you will find what we all have done to ensure your safety and well being when you are with us. 

Please feel free to ask questions ; as always, we are here to help you.

  1. Reception area; On entering our office, you will immediately notice the plexi glass in front of Diane and Anna. The chairs are spaced 2m apart and the floor has tape indicating you are 2m away from anyone else getting service at the front desk. All spaces in the reception area are constantly cleaned with an antiseptic. Each patient is asked to wash their hands, answer the important questions regarding their health and their temperature is taken with a no contact thermometer. Please ask Anna or Diane for Perrier or Water. They are happy to get it for you. Gloves, masks and sanitizer are always available if you would like to use them.
  2. Air Purification System ;  This is one of the most important investments in our dental office. Each operatory has its own Dyson Hepa Air Purifier. We also have an additional one in the hallway. This top of the line system has its own continuous monitoring system, active at all times. Indoor air quality is monitored every 12 seconds as well as microscopic particles. Air is purified continuously.
  3. Each room is sealed off. Everyone in the back is dressed in full PPE from head to toe. They are wearing specific face shields as well as masks, along with blue isolation gowns.
  4. Sterilization has always been and will always be essential to this office.  Elizabeth, our designated sterilization and infection control assistant, has always followed the strict protocols that Dr. Slepchik imposed. There are only 2 categories of materials; sterilizable or throw away. Using our heat autoclave sterilization system which uses only distilled water, you can feel confident knowing all instruments are sterilized and all disposables are thrown out.
  5. Your hygiene appointment ; You may notice your chart is now in a sealed plastic bag. It will be filled out after you leave the room by your hygienist. Every single surface is meticuously cleaned, even if it was not touched. Having the Dyson Hepa Air Purifier is a tremendous aide in monitoring the air quality around you. Our hygienist is wearing full PPE gear.     
  6. Your dental treatment appointment ;  Again, your chart is in a sealed plastic bag which will be filled out by Dr. Slepchik when you leave the room. Carmen and Mari, his dental assistants, will also be in full PPE gear, as well as Dr. Slepchik.

When you are finished in the back area, with either Dr. Slepchik or your hygienist Kinga or Caroline, we will verify with the front desk that it is the right time for you to leave our area and book you next appointment.  We are ensuring there are never too many patients in our reception area at one time. We now discourage people from dropping by to visit us  and encourage patients not to come early nor with a companion to their dental appointments.

All of us hope this specific information puts your mind at ease and allows us to look after and improve your dental health. We have always felt an informed, educated patient is the best way to help you relax during your dental appointment. If you have any questions at all, please let us know. We are happy to answer them.