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Complete Dental Exam

What is a complete dental exam?

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A complete dental examination includes much more than the teeth. It also involves the tissue surrounding the teeth, the whole mouth including the palate and tongue, a cancer screening, and most importantly, the bite. We cannot maintain a healthy dentition if the bite is off or is crowded. Everything has to be balanced, just as in our bodies. Any imbalance or tilt in your bite will affect the strength of your teeth and also affect the gums. This can lead to gum recession and gum disease.

When you come to see your hygienist for a complete dental examination, opur goal is to understand the dynamics of the muscles in your jaw, how your teeth meet, and verify the health of your gums. Our office philosophy is a preventative approach. We want to avoid problems and help you improve and maintain your dental health. Your specific treatment plan will allow you to not only maintain the teeth in your mouth for a lifetime, but your teeth and smile should look great. We want you to feel proud of your smile.

Patient Testimonial

“Very welcoming staff. The hygienist deeply cared for my dental health and gave me tips on how it could be improved without having to ask for it. I’ve only been there once, but so far I’d recommend this clinic.” – Mario L.

What to expect during your dental exam

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As prevention is the key to a healthy mouth and overall well being in general, your dental hygienist will collect all the important information at your first dental appointment. This includes a complete dental examination as mentioned above, and also encourage you to participate in a hygiene program that specifically addresses your needs.

On your first appointment at Dr. Slepchik’s dental office, we will take all the x-ray’s necessary, including a panoramic x-ray that allows us to see everything in the mouth. In examining the teeth, we also look at any infections, masses, unidentified masses, and other abnormalities that may affect your general health or future dental treatments.

We will look at all the tissues in and surrounding your mouth, examine every tooth and the dynamic of your dental bite (occlusion). We will also take pictures with our intra-oral camera. We always book enough time at your appointment so that all your questions may be answered. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed. We encourage your questions. We all take pride in educating our patients in order to help them achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

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