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Meet Dr. Slepchik

Lenny Slepchik, DDS | Cosmetic Dentist Downtown Montreal

General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Downtown Montreal

Lenny Slepchik, DDS is passionate about  general and cosmetic dentistry, serving Downtown Montreal and surrounding areas. Dr. Slepchik graduated from McGill University Dental School and immediately launched his continuing education career by choosing a one-year general practice residency at the Jewish General Hospital. The main focus of this program was on cosmetic restoration of teeth with crowns and bridges.

At the advice of the program chair, Dr. Slepchik followed this with a one week program in Philadelphia given by Dr. Morton Amsterdam. Dr. Amsterdam was the initiator (creator) of many continuing education concepts that we still use today. It was a privilege to study under him. This experience taught Dr. Slepchik that dentistry requires an ongoing pursuit of knowledge as well as excellence in continuing education.

Commitment To Continuing Education

Dr. Slepchik joined the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is an active member and attends scientific sessions as well as using the extensive online materials to increase his knowledge. The staff of Dr. Slepchik’s office attends the scientific sessions with him. The next major step was enrolling in courses at the Dawson Academy. These are one week sessions given in Florida on occlusion which is the foundation of dentistry. As implant dentistry was becoming a more important aspect of dental health, Dr. Slepchik joined the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Here too, he attends scientific sessions with his staff. A yearly visit to the Greater New York Dental Meeting is another aspect of Dr. Slepchik’s commitment to continuing education.

All of the above are supplemented by bringing speakers regularly into the office for the staff. As Invisalign (clear aligner therapy to align teeth for periodontal health) is an important part of our commitment to excellence, we bring in educators to our office regularly every two months, as well as following courses online, plus attending classes in New York City. We have an in-office refresher course every two years on CPR training to stay up to date. This year we’ve added courses on sleep apnea and Botox treatment of muscle and joint problems. The Botox course was 16 hours long, online, and will be supplemented by a hands-on portion. Dr. Slepchik has a passion for learning and has surrounded himself with staff members with the same passion. He understands that in order to deliver 21st-century dentistry to his patients, continuing education is not a choice but an obligation.

Dr. Slepchik’s Patients’ Testimonials

“I have been Dr. Slepchik’s patient for many years. He keeps up to date with the latest technology and his charming staff make you feel like you are family, which alleviates the stress of going to the dentist.” – Francois L.

“Thanks Dr Slepchik and team for your consistent help in taking care of my teeth and leaving with a smile!” -Paolo I

“An incredible dentist, a team that listens and tries to do its best to make your appointment as serene as possible. The work is fast and well done. Having always had trouble with dentists, I recommend it!” – Gianni P.

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To schedule a consultation with Lenny Slepchik, D.D.S., contact our Downtown Montreal office at 514-875-7971. Our practice serves Montreal, Quebec, and surrounding areas.