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Payment Plans


Financial Arrangements with Dr. Lenny Slepchik

We understand that dental care can be costly. Patients often prefer to ignore a problem until they are confronted with pain. We may get a phone call or an email asking for our help to deal with this situation. Unfortunately, by the time pain is present, usually there is advanced decay or gum disease. Therefore, it costs you more.

Furthermore, tooth loss may occur, which can affect the bite and smile in the long term. This is expensive. There is NEVER a less expensive and less invasive way to take care of your mouth than to take care of your dental health TODAY. The cheapest way to take care of your mouth is to visit your dentist regularly for your cleaning and examination appointment to detect problems early, before they get complicated. Also, your treatment plan can be done over a year or longer, depending on your budget and availability, to create optimal dental health in the long run. This is always our goal.

We encourage you to relax as we are ready to arrange a payment plan with you.  For patients who have a complex dental treatment plan, Dr. Slepchik is happy to work with you so that your dental health always comes first.

We regularly submit estimates to your insurance company for all major dental treatment when requested.  In addition, all claims are submitted electronically immediately following your dental appointment.  Normally, our patients receive the insurance money directly deposited in to their account within 3 days.

Credit Cards

When making financial arrangements with us, we ask you to leave a credit card on file in your account. Tell us which date (monthly or semi monthly) to take a specific amount on account that we agree on together to reduce your balance. There are no interest charges. When your balance is down to zero, we will send you receipts  to submit for your income tax.

This system has been very successful for our patients and works very well. We also take in to account your busy schedule, and what works best for you in terms of length of appointment and time of day. Our goal is to help our patient improve and maintain their dental health:  we want you  to smile with pride with your beautiful, healthy smile.