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Our Dental Team

Meet Our Dental Team in Downtown Montreal

“Dr Slepchik saw me quickly when I had severe pain from a cracked molar and needed a root canal, and he did a great job fixing the issue and making me feel comfortable. Dr Slepchik and everyone in the office is professional, friendly, and very good at what they do and I’m so glad to have found such a good dentist!” – Tessa W.

Dr. Slepchik is proud to introduce you to his team of professionals. What makes us special ?

We all are  passionate about continuing education  and are proud to represent Dr. Slepchik at various dental conferences. We look forward to Friday Lunch and Learn in our office, where we meet with a variety of dental experts and ask our questions. We cooperate, help each other and work exceptionally well as a team.  Each one of us has specific responsibilities which insures our day flows.  We genuinely care about our patients, and are always ready to help you in any way we can. We look forward to meeting you soon.


Dental Concierge

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“My priority is to welcome our patients and make them feel comfortable while waiting for their appointment. I love to bring a smile to each patient. Smiling is contagious and initiates trust and care. I am happy to answer any questions you have on the phone and look after scheduling your appointments and any necessary paperwork.”


Dental Hygienist

Kinga | Dental Hygienist

“I love to educate my patients about what’s possible in dentistry today. Many patients are unaware of their options when it comes to dental treatment. A healthy smile is a beautiful smile.”
Here is some news from Kinga about her recent experiences at the recent ISPRD conference!
“Very interesting conference with the most experienced periodontists discussing the latest advanced techniques of maintaining gum disease and replacing lost teeth. We can now achieve amazing esthetic results in situations we used to think were impossible. Participating in continuing education brings knowledge and excellence; this benefits our patients in maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile no matter their age.”


Dental Assistant

Carmen | Dental Assistant

“As a dental assistant, my job is to make sure everything needed for your appointment is prepared. As Dr. Slepchik’s assistant, my concern is always the comfort of my patient. I view every patient that sits in my chair as a member of my family, that I treat with care, kindness and respect. I love my patient’s smile at the end of the appointment.”
A few words from Carmen about the ISPRD conference she attended with Dr. Slepchik:
“I’ve had countless opportunities to attend conferences. This past June Dr. Slepchik, Kinga and I attended the International Symposium of Periodontics in Boston. These conferences ensure that we continue to create and deliver beautiful and healthy smiles using the latest technology available. It was fabulous ! “


Dental Hygienist

Caroline | Dental Hygienist

It is with great delight to return as a dental hygienist with Dr. Slepchik’s team. I look forward to meeting everyone, the new as well as the familiar faces. It has been very exciting to catch up with the patients.   This has made my return that much more delightful.


Office Manager

Arlene | Office Manager

“We are lucky to have such a caring staff here. Patients tell us that their consistent kindness and warmth helps them a great deal, in addition to our various relaxation tools. Our day runs smoothly, as each one of us work together to make your appointment successful in every way.”



We are thrilled to welcome Lovely as the newest member of our team. She is learning very quickly how we do things here in her position as sterilization and set up technician/dental assistant. She is a tremendous help to all of us.

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