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Dental Crowns in Montreal

Dental Crowns Montreal | Porcelain Crowns Downtown MontrealA dental crown can be thought of like a life preserver for a tooth. When a tooth has extensive damage, our goal is to save the tooth. We do this by placing a tooth-shaped “CAP” to restore its strength, shape, and function. A crown covers the entire visible surface of the tooth down to the gum line. Crowns are necessary when the tooth is so broken down that a dental filling will not be effective. At Lenny Slepchik, DDS we offer dental crowns to our patients in Downtown Montreal.

Dr. Slepchik prefers to use a strong, esthetic material called Emax to fabricate his crowns. Emax is fracture-resistant and can achieve an extremely esthetic, natural-looking result.

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What Concerns Can Dental Crowns Fix?


Dr. Slepchik places his porcelain (Emax) crowns to address the following problems

      • Broken or fractured teeth
      • Extremely worn teeth
      • Teeth that have large fillings and/or fractured fillings
      • Misshapen teeth
      • Discoloured teeth
      • Teeth that have had root canals
      • Teeth on either end of a bridge

Why Porcelain Crowns?


Our porcelain is called Emax (technical name lithium disilicate)

Dental Crowns Montreal | Porcelain Crowns Downtown MontrealIt has the perfect combination of strength and appearance. Emax has the ability to provide the translucency and reflective properties of tooth enamel. Dr. Slepchik’s goal is for the crown (or crowns) to blend in naturally with your other teeth. When doing multiple teeth, we choose the shade and brightness to give you the most natural esthetic smile possible. With proper care at home as well as regular teeth cleanings with your hygienist, your porcelain crown (or crowns) will last a very long time.

What Our Patients Say

“I highly recommend Dr Slepchik and his team! I’ve been going there for several years now and my visits are always more pleasant than one would expect due to their very professional and very friendly approach” – Diana M.


The Dental Crown Procedure

Placing a crown requires 2 appointments with Dr. Slepchik and his team. At the first appointment, any decay or damaged tooth material is removed from the tooth. You are frozen with our Dental Vibe system which masks the feeling of the injection. The exterior of the tooth is shaved down slightly on all sides and the top to create room for the crown.

This also creates an excellent bonding surface to cement the crown to. We then take digital impressions of the tooth and the surrounding teeth with our Itero system. Our dental lab receives the images from the Itero system to make your crown. The lab also receives exact specifications on the colour, contour, and shape. The lab then makes an accurate model of the teeth involved.

The communication between Dr. Slepchik and the lab is essential to achieve a high-quality result that both he and his patient expect. Dr. Slepchik’s office will receive the newly fabricated crown in about 2 weeks. A temporary crown is bonded to your tooth to protect it until the permanent crown can be placed. This first appointment takes 1 hour.

When your crown is ready, you return here for your second appointment. We clean and disinfect your teeth and check the crown for the fit and to make sure the colour matches with the adjacent teeth. Once everyone is satisfied, the crown is bonded permanently on to your tooth. No recovery is needed; you can eat normally when leaving our office. This appointment is 30 minutes.

Porcelain Crowns Before & After

Will my new Crowned tooth look natural?

Dental Crowns Montreal | Porcelain Crowns Downtown MontrealOnce your tooth has been bonded, no one will be able to distinguish your new tooth from the other teeth. This is the main reason Dr. Slepchik uses Emax; it makes crowns and veneers with the same visual characteristics as natural tooth enamel. In addition, the dental lab re-creates the crown to match the appearance of the tooth it is replacing, along with the information provided by Dr. Slepchik and his team.

How long Do Dental crowns last?

Our experience has shown that porcelain crowns can last for 20 years or more. This is also based on the quality of your home care (brushing and flossing regularly) as well as regular in-office teeth cleanings according to your specific needs. If you grind your teeth, this may also lessen the lifespan of your crown.

Do I have to do anything special to take care of my crown?

Dental Crowns Montreal | Porcelain Crowns Downtown MontrealYour new crown requires no special treatment. Take care of your crown by brushing and flossing daily. And do not forget to see your hygienist according to your specific needs as well as Dr. Slepchik for your dental exams.

Can I expect any problems With Crowns?

On rare occasions, your crown may become loose or come off. This often is the result of grinding. You then need to come in to have your crown re-cemented.

Is the Dental Crown treatment painful?

Our patient is thoroughly frozen using our Dental Vibe and the Wand system. We begin treating your tooth when we have verified that you are well frozen. The actual preparation phase is then painless.

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