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Sedation Dentistry

At Lenny Slepchik D.D.S., we understand your may be nervous or anxious coming to our office. We want you to be comfortable and relaxed, which is why we offer Sedation Dentistry to our patients. In this procedure, we provide you with medication that will help you feel relaxed and  reduce your overall stress level.

“This is the best dental clinic I have visited in my life. The staff is very professional and I love my hygienist. Dr. Slepchik is an excellent doctor and I recommend him totally.”Rafael B.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation Dentistry Montreal

Sedation dentistry is the term used to describe services intended for patient relaxation. This service may include the use of various medications that slow the central nervous system to reduce feelings of fear and anxiety. In our office we use Nitrous Oxide, commonly called laughing gas. When used during your dental appointment, patients are awake and able to communicate with Dr. Slepchik.

Who Is A Candidate For Sedation Dentistry?

In addition to being very helpful to patients who are fearful of going to the dentist, sedation dentistry in useful for patients who:

  1. Gag easily
  2. Have difficulty sitting still
  3. Have sensitive teeth or gums
  4. Require a large amount of dental work
  5. Have a low threshold for pain

During sedation dentistry, varying degrees of sedation may be used, depending on the needs of the patient and the type of procedure being performed.

What Are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry offers significant benefits, including:

  1. Immediate relief from anxiety– Nitrous oxide is fast-acting. It works within a few minutes and goes away just as quickly.
  2. Physical relaxation– Slowing the nervous system, sedation can also enable a person who has difficulty sitting still to undergo necessary or elective dental treatments.
  3. Dull the gag reflex– A strong gag reflex can make it difficult to undergo dental treatments. The stress of a gag reflex causes some people to avoid seeing the dentist. When sedated, the muscles of the mouth and throat relax enough to decrease or eliminate this problem.
  4. Maximize dental appointments– Many patients request sedation so they can combine various treatments and achieve more in a single visit than they could otherwise.
  5. Improve the dental experience– Often, bad dental experiences are at the heart of dental anxiety. Sedation calms the mind and body, allowing patients to have more productive, less frightening visits with their dentist. Some patients lose their dental anxiety altogether over time and no longer ask us to reserve the nitrous oxide for their dental appointment.

Nitrous oxide sedation offers benefits including a fast onset and quick recovery. Patients wait no more than a minute or two to feel the effects of sedation. They are able to drive home from their dental appointment and immediately resume normal activities with no lingering side effects like grogginess.

How is Sedation Dentistry performed?

Nitrous oxide sedation may be one of the easiest methods to be developed. Before dental treatment begins, a small mask is placed over the patient’s nose. This mask delivers a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. Within a few moments, feelings of stress diminish. The delivery of medication continues until your dental appointment is completed.   At the end of the appointment, the patient receives full oxygen administration for a few minutes to relieve the effects of sedation.

Dental Pain Solutions with Dr. Lenny Slepchik

In my office, we have found there are many ways to help a nervous patient. First, we all carefully listen to each patient. You supply the answers for us to help you. We appreciate so much when a new patient on the phone tells us they are scared, because we understand exactly what we need to do.

Potential Solutions

  • Use our noise reduction headphones. These headphones are so effective that I have to lift them from my patient’s ear if I need to speak with you during the appointment.
  • Please ask us to reserve the Nitrous Oxide for your dental appointment. This reversible sedation induces a light, happy feeling. You are awake the whole time; what it does is allow you not to focus on the sounds of the drill. If you prefer, you may ask us for music ( or use your phone) and it will feel like you are at a concert. Use our noise reduction headphones for your total comfort.
  • Using the Dental Vibe along with the Wand for the kindest injection you will EVER experience. Our nervous patients love it.

We are a group of genuinely kind,caring people who are ready to work with you to help you. We promise to use an approach designed to your specific needs. These and still other solutions have made each day satisfying to our entire team and has put a smile on our patient’s faces.  We are happy that we can help our nervous patients to improve their dental health and make going to see the dentist a more positive experience.

Will I feel any pain with sedation dentistry?

Sedation Dentistry Montréal Québec H3B 1X9, Canada
Sedation used during dental procedures is an adjunct to local anesthetic. Using both nitrous oxide and a vibrating instrument, injections of local anesthetic are virtually painless. Nitrous oxide enhances comfort by slowing the central nervous system, while the vibrating wand tricks the brain into feeling very little if any sensation during anesthetic injections.

Once the freezing medication has been administered, patients should have no sensation of pain during their treatment. Dr. Slepchik always verifies with the patient that they are ready to start their treatment and feel “frozen.”

Is sedation dentistry dangerous?

Nitrous oxide is one of the oldest forms of sedation to be discovered. It has been frequently used for over 100 years and is considered safe for people of all ages. One of the reasons that nitrous oxide is so highly regarded is that this delivery method achieves immediate results. This allows the dentist to adjust dosing to achieve the precise level of sedation desired. Being a form of conscious sedation, nitrous oxide does not obstruct a patient’s ability to breathe and swallow on their own. Patients can communicate with us as needed even while sedated.

What is the recovery from Using Nitrous Oxide?

Our use of nitrous oxide sedation relieves patients of their anxiety without incurring lingering side effects. By the time patients leave the office, they are fully alert and able to resume normal activities, including driving. Side effects like grogginess and nausea are unlikely with nitrous oxide. Some patients may feel a slight headache, but this should go away quickly. Depending on the person, you may feel a bit tired.

Patient Testimonials

  1. “I have been Dr. Slepchik’s patient for many years. He is experienced, keeps up to date with the latest technology and his charming staff make you feel like you are family, which alleviates the stress of going to the dentist.”
  2. “This is the best dental practice in Montreal! Quality dental service, excellent communication with their customers, friendly staff and clean environment. Dr. Slepchik and hygienist Kinga are amazing people! Super friendly and professional! I highly recommend this place to anybody!”

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