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  What is Invisalign?

Invisalign Downtown Montreal

 Learn about Invisalign with Dr. Lenny Slepchik, a Gold Preferred Provider

Are you too embarrassed to smile? Does the way your teeth meet bother you? Dr. Slepchik offers Invisalign treatment in           downtown     Montreal so that his patients can straighten their teeth without anyone knowing you are wearing braces. You can     enjoy discreet treatment that results in a beautiful smile.

  How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign Downtown Montreal

Invisalign targets alignment issues (how your teeth meet) such as crowded, tilted or rotated teeth, and the gaps between them. The clear aligners fit your teeth at each stage and gradually move them to arrive at your ultimate goal. These removable aligners are made from a comfortable plastic and are worn for 1 week at a time. In fact, this can create a straighter smile in less than a year. We also recommend Invisalign treatment to improve your ability to reach difficult areas in the mouth when flossing and brushing.

Straightening teeth can not only improve the look of your smile but also improve your overall dental health. By eliminating hard to reach spaces in your mouth, periodontal disease and cavities is reduced. Patients that have an interest in Invisalign will have both digital x-rays and digital impressions taken in our office with Itero. After we scan  your mouth, we send this diagnostic information to the Invisalign Lab. Their lab will then send back virtual time-lapse images of your smile, which helps you visualize how the treatment will work and what your smile will look like.

  candidates for Invisalign

Many teens and adults are good candidates for Invisalign. The advanced techniques that are now available with this protocol make Invisalign appropriate for mild to moderate misalignment, including the correction of over-bite, under-bite, and cross-bite. Patients should have good oral health and be free of gum disease before beginning their Invisalign treatment. If dental problems exist, we will provide treatment to improve oral health before continuing with this teeth-straightening treatment.

  Diastema Treatment with Invisalign

A diastema is a space between the teeth; it is often found between the two front teeth. The final result below was accomplished using the Invisalign system in just six months.




   Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

Invisalign has become a preferred method of teeth-straightening because, unlike traditional braces, there are no metal fixtures that are permanently attached to the teeth. The two protocols work in a similar manner. Each applies consistent pressure on teeth to first loosen the hold of the periodontal ligament; simultaneously, the pressure exerted on the teeth is done in a way that forces them into better alignment. The protocols differ in the extent of malocclusion each can correct and in the method through which teeth are straightened. Severe malocclusion may need to be treated with traditional orthodontic treatment.

  Dr. Slepchik Discusses Invisalign Treatment

Dr Slepchik discussing Invisalign

  Benefits of Invisalign

  The clear plastic aligners that are custom-made for you at every stage of the teeth-straightening process provide the following            benefits:

  Removable:  You can take your aligners out when you eat and when you brush and floss. No problem !

  Easy to clean: To keep them fresh, rinse them with warm water.

  Comfortable : No one knows you are wearing them unless you tell them.


Invisalign Patient Testimonial


What Is the Invisalign Treatment Process?

 If you are interested in Invisalign, there are multiple steps which are part of your Invisalign treatment. When you come for your first   appointment, we  take a series of  photos of your teeth and provide you a simulation of the possible result. Next, Dr. Slepchik will     design your treatment plan .  Once this is accepted, the attachments will be placed on your teeth with your first set of aligners. You   will be visiting us every 2-3 months where we will provide you with newly adjusted aligners at each stage of your dental treatment.

The Invisalign process is explained in further detail below and will be discussed with you during your consultation appointment.

  Appointment 1: Records

      Using the Itero Impression System, we take digital photos of the teeth to create extremely accurate models which evaluate your        mouth’s orthodontic situation. Our system also provides an immediate simulation of the possible result. It’s very comfortable.              This appointment takes about one hour.

  Appointment 2: Case Presentation

   Based on his experience with the Invisalign system, Dr. Slepchik provides different prescriptions to create the most effective               treatment plan for you. Dr. Slepchik will show and explain your chosen treatment.  At this point, we also explain the number of           appointments you will need and your fees.

Your Invisalign treatment includes your aligners, up to 2 refinement series and 4 sets of retainers and a wire retainer (if you need       it). There are no additional costs or surprises. Upon patient acceptance and an initial deposit, we will order your clear aligners.

  Appointment 3: Attachments & Aligners

During the third appointment,  the attachments are placed  on your teeth. They are the same colour as your teeth and are practically invisible. This appointment lasts about an hour and requires no freezing. You are completely comfortable.  You will receive your first set of aligners and be shown how to put them on and and take them off.
Invisalign Montreal

   Appointment 4 (and on):

     Every 2-3 months, we give you your new aligners and check your progress.  When your treatment is finished, we analyze the             final result and decide together if further treatment would enhance what was achieved. If yes, a refinement is done using                   additional aligners. When we complete the case, we order your retainers. Sometimes, we place a thin wire retainer on the                 tongue side of the lower front teeth, if required

   What Can I Expect After My Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign | Dr. Slepchick

   Because Invisalign is a discreet method of treatment, patients get to see their progress every step of the way. This means there         are no major surprises at the conclusion of treatment. The follow-up to your treatment is the use of a retainer. Initially, the retainer     is necessary 24/7. After a period of time, you may only need to wear it  at nighttime .  Wearing a retainer at night may continue for     several years to prevent shifting of teeth.

  Taking care of my Invisalign aligners

   Invisalign aligners are very easy to maintain. When you remove them to brush your teeth, simply run lukewarm water over all             surfaces of the aligner. No need to brush them; doing so could cause tiny scratches that harbor bacteria and odor.

   How long will I need To Wear My Invisalign Aligners?

   Depending on the extent of correction you need, your treatment may be completed in 9 to 18 months. After your teeth are properly     aligned, you will need to wear a retainer for two or more years. It always depends on how complex your specific treatment is.

   Invisalign Before & After


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  Invisalign Cost

    The cost of your treatment is determined by the number of aligners you will need to achieve your goal.  During our consultation,        we  discuss the extent of care you need and what the treatment costs. If your dental insurance offers benefits for orthodontic              care, this should include Invisalign.  Our staff is happy to send an estimate to your insurance company

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“I don’t know what you differently here, but I’ve never seen my daughter like this in a dental office. She told me she felt it’s just like home.” ~ H. K.

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  For more information, please contact our office at (514) 875-7971 or email us at [email protected] to see if             Invisalign can help you. We offer a complimentary Invisalign consultation.  We are proud to announce that Dr. Slepchik’s case        was chosen  to provide a smile photo of his patient who did his Invisalign treatment here for their French promotional material.          Lenny Slepchik D.D.S.is located in  Downtown Montreal, next to the Fairmount Queen Elizabeth Hotel, across from Place Ville           Marie, Metro McGill or Metro Bonaventure.

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