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Gum Treatment

What is Gum Disease?

We know that gum disease that is left untreated can lead to very serious health problems. Periodontal disease is an indication of many serious health issues, such as heart disease , stroke, osteoporosis, premature births and low birth weight and more.

Some people are unaware that they even have periodontal disease.; first, because there are no symptoms such as pain and second because it wasn’t diagnosed in its early stages. Gum disease varies in its early stages to severe when diagnosed late. Early periodontal disease can be controlled if treated properly and followed up with frequent maintenance visits, so that the bacteria causing disease is eliminated from under the gum line periodically. Severe periodontal disease can also be treated but is much less predictable and may cause tooth loss, and possibly needing tooth replacement.

periodontal Treatment

So how do we treat gum disease? Root planing is a deep scaling treatment removing plaque and tartar from under the gum line using an anesthetic to make sure you are comfortable. Usually, it takes from 3 to 5 visits, and during each appointment, the deep cleaning is done for one quarter of the mouth. You may elect to do 1 complete side of the mouth at a time in 1 appointment. This means you will be here for 1 hour and 30 minutes, which allows your hygienist to take her time and go at a pace where you are comfortable. We either only freeze the gum tissue which works well for 95% of the patients, allowing them to return to their regular activities with no numbness after their appointment or, in some cases , when the patient is overly sensitive or just extremely anxious, Dr. Slepchik will use the gentle automated freezing Dental Vibe with the Wand system to freeze completely the whole area. No matter the freezing system that is most convenient, the patient can return to normal activities right after the appointment.

Root planing is the easiest and simplest approach to control periodontal disease. It is a non surgical procedure that will prevent more aggressive treatment in the future and help you maintain your dental health. This and a 3 month dental cleaning program will keep the levels of the disease causing bacteria under control . This prevents further harm to your gum tissue and of the supporting bone area. We have seen excellent results in many of our patients, and also allowing them to avoid more complicated surgical procedures.

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