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Dr. Slepchik’s office uses digital radiography to take X-rays. This technology allows the X-ray to be immediately processed and made available for viewing.

The enlarged photos can be viewed directly in front of you on our TV screen, making decay easier to spot. We can also zoom in to enlarge them, making understanding tooth structures and whatever treatment is needed easier.

Another great benefit of digital X-rays is that they expose you to 70% less radiation than conventional X-rays (film).

The X-rays are stored on our computer and can be easily transferred to a specialist through email if you need a referral. This makes communication clearer and easier between Dr. Slepchik and the specialist to achieve the best treatment plan for you.

What Are Digital X-Rays Used For?

To provide the utmost care during routine dental exams, the dentist must see what lies above the gums as well as what is below. What is immediately visible are the crowns of teeth and the gums. Digital X-rays allow the dentist to observe and evaluate the areas between your teeth, your tooth roots, and even the jawbone. All these structures are vulnerable to some degree. Decay and infection can affect them, and without proper imaging, the problem may not be understood until pain occurs. In addition to quickly seeing signs of infection or other problems, digital X-rays are also helpful in developing the best treatment for each patient. For example, using a digital X-ray, the dentist can see the exact location of the infection and the degree to which it has progressed - and, if the roots of a tooth are involved, the shape of those roots. Each of these details can then be used to formulate appropriate dental therapy.


What Are The Benefits Of Digital X-Rays?

We have chosen to offer digital x-rays for several reasons. The advantages of this technology include:

  • Less radiation compared to traditional film X-rays. Studies indicate that a digital X-ray may have 85% less radiation exposure than the standard X-ray process.
  • Less impact on the environment. Digital X-rays do not contain the toxic chemicals that are necessary to support traditional X-ray films due to the elimination of necessary X-ray fixers.
  • Greater accuracy in imaging. The image quality of digital X-rays is excellent. The computer images are highly detailed and can be enlarged, enhanced, or sharpened as needed to properly diagnose dental conditions and determine the best course of treatment. Since Dr. Slepchik does all his examinations on your X-ray on the screen in front of you, you will better understand your recommended treatment.
  • Digital storage. The ability to store X-rays in digital form reduces our carbon footprint and enhances the ease with which records may be transferred to specialists, such as oral surgeons.
  • Expedited care. Because digital X-rays are stored in our computer system, images can be viewed quickly right in the treatment room. We can discuss and plan treatment after reviewing the highly detailed images.

How To Prepare For A Digital X-Ray Session?

You don’t need to make any special preparations for a dental X-ray, but you may feel more relaxed if you know what to expect. During the most common type of X-ray, the bitewing, you bite on an electronic pad or sensor in your mouth. The dental assistant or hygienist positions the scanner outside the mouth, near the tooth or teeth being evaluated. The resulting image is sent directly to the computer.

How Long Does A Digital X-Ray Appointment Last?

It doesn’t take long to capture the images we need for a routine dental exam. Usually, the x-ray portion of the appointment is done in 5 to 10 minutes. However, in cases that require full-mouth imaging, this initial part of the appointment may take 20 to 25 minutes.

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How Soon Will I See The Results Of My Digital X-Ray?

You can review your digital X-rays with your dentist during your appointment. Dr. Slepchik can show you the different aspects of your teeth and areas of concern and also use your X-rays to answer any questions you may have.

Overall, with digital X-rays, you benefit from increased comfort when the photos are taken intra-orally and with less radiation. Dr. Slepchik believes strongly in cutting-edge technology in dental treatment and procedures to provide you with the best and most comfortable care possible.

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