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Great news! We are now GBT certified. What does that mean? GBT stands for Guided Biofilm Therapy. It’s the modern and best way to fully clean your mouth.

We start by placing a blue stain on your teeth. After rinsing, it shows you where the biofilm remains on your teeth and gums.

You get to see for yourself where your home cleaning needs improvement. The biofilm is painlessly removed from your mouth. What is biofilm? Biofilm = bacteria. You will be pleasantly shocked with the final result.

You will be very happy Dr. Slepchik made this investment in your health.

The new Guided Biofilm Therapy for dental cleanings feels much gentler than a regular dental cleaning, and offers a different experience. You will understand where you need to pay more attention to brushing, and how you can better approach it. Also, it’s great to know the latest technology is being used for next-level in dental cleaning. Dr. Slepchik and his team always offer confidence and comfort through their competence and warmth.

On your first visit, our dental hygienist will gather all the information about the health of your mouth by doing a complete dental examination. Dr. Slepchik will review that information at the end of your appointment. Other than the health of your teeth, the hygienist will specifically analyze the condition of your gums in relation to your age. Gum disease can occur at any age, although it is more common in adults. It is important to detect it in its early stages because then it can be reversed by following different treatment programs.

For mild cases of gingivitis, you will be invited to regularly have your dental cleanings done every three months in order to maintain healthy gum tissue and avoid further deterioration of the surrounding tissue and bone support. If your condition is more severe, meaning bone loss is already present, a deep cleaning may be recommended.

This helps to smooth irregularities of the roots of the teeth by removing plaque and tartar deposits in deeper pockets, helping to slow down or stop the disease from spreading further and leading to loss of teeth. This procedure will reduce bacterial plaque deposits and significantly reduce the risks of heart disease.

How Often Do I Need To Come In For Cleanings?

These appointments, followed by three-month recall and proper brushing and flossing techniques, have a high success rate in treating diseased gums, provided that you follow the hygiene program according to your needs. This treatment may need to be repeated every few years, depending on your specific situation.

Our dental hygienist will make you feel as comfortable as possible, dealing with each patient individually; we understand that no two people are the same or need the same amount of time to complete the treatment. You are welcome to ask any questions or share any concerns that you may have regarding your mouth. She will be more than happy to explain and help you work as a team to improve and maintain a healthy mouth.

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