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Implant Supported Dentures

What are Implant supported Dentures?

The implants act as anchors which attach to the denture. This provides a better fit and greater stability than conventional dentures. The dentures are removed once a day for cleaning, otherwise, they remain in the mouth. Implant supported dentures provide comfort and improve your oral health and appearance.

Traditional Lower Dentures are the least stable form of denture. Often, people are unable to eat while wearing them and are very embarrassed by their situation. They may hide from having dinner with friends or family and stay out of many social situations. In short, they are dental cripples. These traditional dentures cover the palate; the person wearing them has NO sense of taste. An implant supported denture does NOT cover the palate; therefore, you can taste your food the same way as a non denture wearer.

Implant Supported Dentures Montreal

With conventional dentures, as time passes, the jaw bone becomes thinner and deteriorates. It becomes harder and harder to eat, and of course, is not very attractive, Your smile collapses inward and does not look right. You may feel hesitant or embarrassed to smile. We see this very often when we meet a patient who is wearing a traditional denture and does not know what to do or how to improve their situation. The dental implants preserve the bone around them, just like your natural roots do. In the long term, they are easier to maintain and look much better. This treatment has a very high success rate, and the surgery is not complicated.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

  • It helps preserve bone
  • It helps maintain the integrity of your facial structure
  • It eliminates the need of any adhesives
  • It eliminates the pressure spots and sores caused by traditional dentures.
  • It may help you speak more clearly.
  • It will restore your ability to chew and enjoy your food.

Denture Process

Diagnostic Stage; As with all dental treatments, a full assessment of facial features, bone structure, skin tone etc. is completed as well as a complete oral examination and digital x-rays taken. The final result must always look natural and highlight your face. We also decide how many implants are required.

Surgical Stage; Teeth are removed, if required. The implants (2-4) are placed after a specific healing period following the extraction of the teeth.

Restorative Stage; Your denture is fabricated using the retention supplied by the implants. The denture snaps in to place.

To sum up, your quality of life is PRICELESS. Implant supported dentures offer many benefits. Do you need more information? Please contact our office.

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