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Deep cleaning versus regular cleanings

When you reserve a dental cleaning with your dentist, you need to know that there are many different types of cleanings. Dr. Lenny Slepchik ,in downtown Montreal,  may recommend a different type of cleaning, depending on our patient’s specific situation. Below is some information on the differences between a routine dental cleaning and a deep… Read More »

  • Posted on: Jan 15 2022
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Ways to address imperfect teeth within the smile

Dr. Lenny Slepchik encourages patients who are interested in finding out what cosmetic treatments are available to enhance the smile to contact our office.  You may have questions for a dental professional about aesthetic options for an imperfect tooth or teeth.  You may not be aware or knowledgable about which treatments are available or appropriate… Read More »

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What to look for when choosing a toothpaste

Patients who have been to the dentist know how brushing and flossing can improve their oral health and wellness over time. Many patients may have questions about the type of toothpaste that they should use to clean their teeth and gums. Choosing the right toothpaste is easy when working with a dental team that has… Read More »

How to transform your smile with gum contouring services

If you have visibly small teeth or are concerned about a “gummy smile,” you may  wonder what can be done to improve the balance in your smile between teeth and gum tissue. Dr. Lenny Slepchik is a downtown Montreal dentist who can help with a process known as gum contouring.  What is gum contouring? Gum… Read More »

Enhancing your smile with cosmetic dentistry.

Imperfections in your smile can result in feeling self-conscious about  your smile. Whether these imperfections are minor or significant, they can be easily addressed with the assistance of a cosmetic dentist.  Downtown Montreal patients are advised to contact Dr. Lenny Slepchik who can recommend a variety of aesthetic treatments to improve many issues with your… Read More »

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How to prepare for your first dental visit after COVID-19

These last 2 years were an unprecedented time with the COVID-19 pandemic foremost on our minds. Due to the increase in cases, many patients not only avoided venturing out for school or travel, but they also stopped coming to their preventive medical and dental examinations. Unfortunately, this means that many patients are behind on their… Read More »

  • Posted on: Oct 30 2021
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How can I tell if I would benefit from orthodontic treatment?

There are many factors that are taken into consideration when it comes to achieving a beautiful smile. Dr. Lenny Slepchik and his team work routinely with patients to help them improve the appearance and health of the teeth and gums for more confidence.  Patients will often approach him and ask  “Would I benefit from getting… Read More »

  • Posted on: Oct 15 2021
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The benefits of tooth coloured fillings

Are you considering tooth coloured fillings? Are you unhappy with old silver amalgam fillings you’ve had placed years ago? Are you looking for an improvement in your smile? This is a great time to connect with Dr. Lenny Slepchik and his team in Downtown Montreal to learn about the benefits of tooth coloured fillings when… Read More »

  • Posted on: Sep 30 2021
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Find affordable and effective relief from toothaches

When patients experience a toothache, it is often due to damage of the tooth, either from a certain condition such as cavities or gum disease, or trauma to a tooth that impacts the nerves and blood supply. Pain from a toothache can be either mild to severe and anywhere in between, and should be evaluated… Read More »

  • Posted on: Sep 15 2021
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Why your smile is your best feature

The first impression you make to is very important. It may mean a second date , or securing a career with a quality job interview. But did you know that your smile is what others will notice first about you? Dr. Lenny Slepchik in his downtown Montreal dental office encourages men and women to pay… Read More »

  • Posted on: Aug 30 2021
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