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Relaxation Menu

Our Relaxation Menu

Please feel free to help yourself to freshly brewed coffee or a refrigerator stocked with Perrier and water. Browse our current magazines. We are always here to help you !  Please tell us how we can help you.

Please choose whatever you wish to help you relax today!
  • Magic Massage
    A massage system which you can place on your pressure points (feet, shoulders, arm etc.) to help you relax during your appointment. Recommended for people who have diabetes (Diabetic neuropathy), carpal tunnel syndrome or just enjoy a massage.
  • Cinema Med
    Watch a movie, your favorite series, or music videos on Netflix with our noise reduction headphones along with the viewing glasses. Time passes very quickly!
  • Mr. Fuji
    Our heated back and neck massager. Our patients find it very soothing.
  • Personal IPod
    Choose the music you would like to hear and relax with our noise reduction headphones.
  • Blanket
    Are you feeling cold? Just ask us.
  • Nitrous Oxide
    For those who need help relaxing during an appointment, this sedation dentistry tool will allow you to zone out. You are aware of what’s happening around you, but not focusing on the sounds of the drill. We reserve it for our nervous patients. They love it.  Add some music and enjoy. It genuinely helps you.
  • Stress Balls
    Looking for something to do with your hands?
  • Warm Wax Hand Treatment
    Leave our office with silky soft hands.
  • Neck warmer

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