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Posts From January, 2018

Why Snoring Should be Treated by Dentists

Why Snoring Should be Treated by Dentists Snoring and sleep apnea are problems which affect a large part of our population age 30 years old and up. Fact: between the ages of 33 and 69, 69% of men snore, while 46% of women snore. This leads to many problems, including the most serious, which is… Read More »

To change is difficult, not to change is fatal.

Digital x-rays, a digital impression system, laser dentistry, Invisalign;  these are just some of the changes that have advanced dentistry to a new level. The evolution of dental materials has given stronger, longer lasting, more esthetic solutions for our dental restorations. “What I use is working, therefore, why change? Is absolutely the wrong way of… Read More »