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Are you Very Nervous to Come See the Dentist?

We understand that many patients experience  dental anxiety which keeps them from visiting a dentist.  Some have experienced a dental situation in the past that was very negative and worry now about what will happen in the dentist’s chair even before they arrive. Others struggle with discomfort of their gag reflex or their inability to… Read More »

  • Posted on: Dec 30 2019
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An Important Message From Our Hygienist

Why Our Practice Recommends  Preventive Cleanings Every 3 Months to Some Patients There are 700 reasons 700 is the number of species of bacteria that inhabit the space between your gums & teeth as well as throughout your mouth. Disrupting the bacteria every three months with a thorough, professional dental cleaning prevents the toxins, gases… Read More »

  • Posted on: Dec 19 2019
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Why Relaxing Before Your Dental Exam is Important

Here at our office, we understand that not everyone is thrilled to have to come and see the dentist. Even though Dr. Lenny Slepchik is always gentle with patients, he is still a dentist that has to take a closer look into your mouth and teeth. To make sure that you stay calm and relaxed… Read More »

FAQs About Dental Bridges

To help you understand dental bridges more, we have listed some frequently asked questions that our patients have asked us. FAQ: What Are Dental Bridges? A dental bridge helps to bridge the gap between two spaces. More specifically, dental bridges are single-piece prosthetics that have a false tooth or teeth attached to them which replace… Read More »

Have Your Teeth Started to Shift? What You Should Know

Whether you have had prior orthodontic work done or if you have never had anyone but a dentist touch your teeth, you may notice that as you age, your teeth start to shift a little bit. But why do they shift and what can you do to stop it? Let’s take a closer look. Mesial… Read More »

  • Posted on: Sep 30 2018
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How can I make dental care affordable?

How can I make dental care affordable ? Dental care can be quite costly, and many patients prefer to ignore the problem until they’re confronted with pain. It is important to understand that when pain starts, usually the decay or gum disease is advanced; therefore, it is more expensive.  Furthermore, it may turn in to… Read More »

Dentistry is a Team Sport

Who are the members of my team? First of all, they are the faces you see on our web site. The welcoming staff at our front desk is Anna and Diane; our dental assistants Carmen and Mari; our hygienists Kinga and Caroline; our room set up and sterilizer person is Elisabeth and our Office Manager… Read More »

Fear of Dentistry

Do you experience fear before coming to see the dentist? As a practicing dentist, you can imagine how many times I have heard my patients telling me “I’m so nervous.” I’ve also been told “I’m afraid of needles.” “I’m scared I won’t freeze.” “The noise of the drill terrifies me.” “I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m… Read More »