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Doctor and Staff Quotes

When a patient is in my chair, I think of them as my family

“When a patient is in my chair, I think of them as my family. I want to make sure they are comfortable and relaxed. I love assisting Dr. Slepchik when he is creating a beautiful smile. It requires intense concentration and a special eye. I also love attending the professional conferences with Dr. Slepchik. It… Read More »

Advances in Dentistry

“Next year for sure there will be more advances in dentistry as it continues to evolve. I can’t wait !” ~ Dr. Slepchik

The Era of the Dental Cripple is Finished

“When you think about what dental implants can do for someone, the era of the dental cripple is finished. No more being embarrassed by teeth that move or click. You can enjoy your meals as much as someone who has a full mouth of teeth.” ~ Dr. Slepchik

The day I stop learning … will be the day I lock my door

“The day I stop learning about new trends, techniques and materials in dentistry will be the day I lock my door and retire. It is so exciting for me as a dental professional to be constantly stimulated and learn new things to bring a better quality of life to my patients.” ~ Dr. Slepchik

Our dental conferences are so stimulating

“Our dental conferences are so stimulating. We meet with researchers; the people who create the materials and techniques; we learn so much from them. It’s wonderful to ask our questions. We bring back so much to our patients.” ~ Carmen and Kinga

We are here to help you

“We have so many options for our very nervous patients. Just let us know. We are here to help you.” ~ Kinga dental hygienist

the art of dentistry is in looking at your whole face

“We not only are looking at your mouth, but the art of dentistry is in looking at your whole face; the angles, the contours, the shape, the shading, all of it. That is how you design a smile that not only functions properly, but looks natural; you, but enhanced, only better” ~ Dr. Slepchik

we do not charge any interest

“When making financial arrangements with our patient, we do not charge any interest, and we choose a date and amount together that works for everyone.” ~ Anna, Front desk concierge