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What Is The Value Of Continuing Education?

All dentists and dental hygienists know that they must attend continuing education courses to maintain their professional accreditation. This means every year, both hygienists and dentists must commit to a specific number of courses to keep up to date with technology and research in the field.  Knowing this, choosing a dentist that believes in continuing education for the team makes us feel we are in good hands, This insures optimal care of your dental health. Continuing education enables dental professionals to look at the mouth as a whole, not only one tooth at a time. Identifying patterns such as excessive grinding, the beginning of gum disease among others, and taking charge at their earliest stages, makes a huge difference in how your dental health and smile develops in the long run.There are many different types of classes and conferences available today. Ask your dentist when he is attending the next conference or 1or 2 day continuing education series. It’s for your benefit as well as his!

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