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How does Invisalign impact your smile?

  • Posted on: Oct 30 2019
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Patients with misaligned teeth are often seeking an alternative to traditional metal bracket and wire braces. With the use of plastic aligner trays that gradually reposition the teeth, many patients are steered towards solutions such as Invisalign. When it comes to correcting misaligned teeth, many teenagers and adults visit the practice of Dr. Lenny Slepchik to determine if they are appropriate candidates for Invisalign.

Understanding the Invisalign system

The system of treatment using Invisalign is fast, simple, and affordable. Patients visit their dentist for a consultation to determine if their smile can benefit from Invisalign. Then, a series of digital impressions are made from images of the teeth. The Invisalign laboratory uses these to create a series of clear plastic trays. Patients obtain these trays a few weeks after their initial appointment and learn how to use them. Each tray is worn for two weeks until patients have progressed through the entire series. At the end of treatment, patients will have their newly transformed smile available to share!

Oral health benefits of Invisalign

With treatments such as traditional braces, where metal brackets are glued to the front of the teeth and wires help hold them in place and guide them towards realignment, most patients experience difficulty keeping their smile healthy. Brushing and flossing around brackets and wires can be problematic. With Invisalign, patients can slide the trays off of their teeth and brush them as they normally would. Flossing is easier as well! This treatment helps in supporting better oral health and wellness than traditional means.

What to expect from Invisalign

Invisalign treatment is effective and affordable for many patients who visit the practice of Dr. Lenny Slepchik. Additionally, as long as patients comply with their treatment plan, they won’t deal with delays in the results. Patients are welcome to ask about this treatment with their dental team before beginning, and are encouraged to share their experience with others who may also be considering smile alignment. Patients enjoy Invisalign treatment because it is discreet, comfortable, and effective at repositioning the teeth and ensuring improved self-confidence!

Ready for orthodontics using Invisalign?

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